Life Coaching

 I offer coaching to help you follow your heart despite pressure not to – from your culture, your family, and yourself. I help you reach a state of acceptance and inner peace, and achieve what you didn’t believe was possible. A self-directed life is possible!!


I encourage you to live a life that is aligned with who you are.


I help you reframe your fears into thoughts that empower you to take action.


I help you dismantle limiting beliefs and self-criticism.

Coaching Strategy

My process is to help you:

  • Relieve stress and mental agony
  • Identify goals
  • Create & follow plans
  • Win support for your plans
  • Smooth out your relationships

“Linna helped me realize that I could really build my music career around my personality. Now I’m much more excited about songwriting, despite all the competitive pressure.” – Anonymous

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My coaching clients have found peace with themselves and peace with the process of growth. My work has helped them start & continue their creative work pursuits – with rigor and a strategic mindset.


About Me

After gaining acceptance of who I am, my strengths and weaknesses, I have taken a leap of faith and changed from a stable career in tech to life coaching. Now I live a self-directed life and because of that, my depression/anxiety has completely lifted! I offer a non-therapy approach to recovering from those ailments.

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