NieR: Automata – Song of the Ancients – English Cover

Hey everyone, I’m super excited to present you a English cover for one of the NieR: Atomata soundtracks. The soundtrack has gibberish vocals and sounds fantastic already, yet I just couldn’t resist putting actual words to it. The song channels a sense of fighting on, and is a beautiful blend of love and hate at the same time (if you’re familiar with the NieR: Automata story, you’ll see why I made that interpretation of the song). Not a lot of songs channel those emotions in quite the same way.

Warning: lyrics contain spoilers for the NieR: Automata soundtrack and are quite emo. They are written from 2B’s perspective to 9S, and have a Devola/Popola parts just like the original does. ‘Cause the game’s story is super emo. But I love it 🙂

Fighting for a new paradise
Gloriously saving mankind
Doomed to die, a beautiful sacrifice
There are things that we shouldn’t know

What you saw, it was a mistake
Finding out that mankind’s extinct
Like a rose, the floor is stained crimson red
Those who know the truth cannot stay alive

Though I know that we have been deeply in love
You want to strangle me, to strangle me, see me cry
Every time I slay you, a part of me dies
It gives me so much pain, oh so much pain I must hide from you
Love is a rose, protecting itself with sharp thorns
It’s time to take revenge, to take revenge for the pain you’ve gone through



Here’s a cover of the original song, with more of a sorrowful atmosphere to it:


Choices, choices, choices

I am sitting here with a new knowledge of myself. I feel a big breakthrough coming around dealing with reality and the quality of my life.

Up till now, being in university, I’ve blamed my parents and I’ve blamed life for challenging me to rise to another level. I’ve been questioning myself, thinking that I’m half-assed for studying Computing and Financial Management – when I’m more inspired to create great music.

It’s high time to reframe how I’ve been approaching life. It’s been an endless battle of force and struggle and fear and inner complaints and giving up and depression and loneliness — in the midst I’ve been failing to see what is beautiful. I regret the friends I didn’t make, the people who needed me who I didn’t help, the music I gave up writing, the live performances I never did, the courses and the studying that I could have been grateful for, courses where I could have earned 100% with intention…two years of university where I could have excelled and stretched the boundaries of my thinking & self-expression.

It doesn’t make sense anymore to quit my degree and turn my back on all 9-5 jobs. I wouldn’t feel complete with myself if I quit. I have been spitting on the progress I made so far and telling myself that it’s half-heartedly done. It’s time for that to stop. It’s time for me to stop resisting life and stop resisting reality, and to play life 100%. To play with character and resilience and strength. To live with a curiosity that I can take any opportunity that life gives me and create something even better.

I came into my degree wanting to be independent, support myself and give back to my family without having to keep relying on them. Very simple, very practical. That’s definitely a part of me that I am not valuing anymore. My strength became a weakness. I’ve been trying to push that away. That doesn’t work either.

I have been living mechanically. I have been coming home every day without a word to my family. I’m not present, and at my job, I do only the tasks that seem easy. I ignore the challenges. Eventually my tasks become easier and easier to the point that I don’t believe my boss needs me. I’ve lost the discipline that’s needed to bring dreams into reality and make a difference for people. The kind of person it takes to make a difference for people is someone who is compassionate and open-minded to other people’s ideas (both allowing others to contribute and allowing myself to be contributed to), grounded in reality, disciplined and focused with clear thinking. Someone who takes the ball when it’s given. Someone who follows through and doesn’t give up on anyone including herself. I was so excited coming into this job. It wasn’t really even related to my degree – I was just thrilled at the possibility of working with people and making a difference for our customers. Today, on the last day, I am feeling empty and deflated as I look back and realize that I could have been a real contribution at work and I just didn’t allow myself to be that.

Before I die, my dream is to lead a worldwide improv concert where all of humanity is attending and connecting. What kind of person would do that?

Someone who’s alive, free, fully self-expressed. Recognizing life as a privilege. Putting myself into all experiences from easy to difficult. Taking myself from imagination to action. Focus. Dedication. Being unreasonable with people. Being constantly curious. One breath in, one breath out. Step-by-step. Clarity. Success. Able to withstand the pain, break myself up, and free the spirit within. Playing at full force. Truly speaking, be on the front lines of humanity. Being able to be there for the people who suffer and create results with them that resonate in large movements into their leadership. The ability to get off it and be there for another person. The ability to make choices and not regret a single one. The ability to live, like there are birds singing outside. Someone who goes all in and holds nothing back. With great achievement and amazement. Embracing the talent God has blessed me with. Endlessly restoring my integrity and energy within myself. Unleashing a bold leader from within. Like a bird, flying through kingdoms I wish to explore. In action vs hesitating. Trusting myself, relishing the beauty of the love and wisdom of the world.

Coming this far I have not done justice to the spirit of improv. In my job and my leadership program, I’m given creative environments to really improvise new solutions to pressing problems and make a tremendous impact that I cannot do alone. I’ve been stopped in the middle, wanting to protect and pitch my own idea and withholding all others. This is a time to break through and unleash my creativity. Stop hesitating. Be direct with people when I need to be.

Clearly I haven’t made things work until this day. I get stuck when I’m faced with a challenge and then I tell myself I’m not made for this kind of work. It’s the exact same kind of self-sabotage when I was first choosing a university program. Only difference is, now I have a choice. Either way I won’t be sabotaging myself. Either way I will be addressing a commitment in my life.

I am the author of my life. I thought the book was done and all that I need to do is to make it happen in real life. However, life will always give me new questions to ask. More people to meet. Places to go. New challenges. I want the relief and the new opportunities that open up when I finish something I started. Finish something I said I would do.

Let’s get this degree finished then. With this structure, I mold my life into something beautiful.

Who will I be being? A free spirit, filled with youthful curiosity and wonder. One who lives in the improv of real life.

One who works to build the foundations of a great future.
One who doesn’t wait for life’s permission to pursue opportunities.

I am open to discovering my blind spots – I don’t know what I don’t know about myself.
I am dedicating myself to lifetime learning – completing one thing at a time.
And I am creating newfound effectiveness with the impact I can make in the world.

Peace out and see you next time.

Comedy song 4 – My passion never makes me money

First time writing a comedy sketch! More sad than funny – time for reword. Yay!

April 22, 2016 (Version #1)

Suzy the Ballerina – 20’s
Waitress – 40’s

(A restaurant.)

Suzy the Ballerina
Oh waitress! How sore my heels are!

Can’t you see I’m serving other customers? Go call the doctor!

Suzy the Ballerina
I’ve been dancing and dancing and dancing and no one pays me a single buck…please can you get me some vinegar to clean my wounds?

Oh honey…What’s that like for you?

(song starts. Link to instrumentals:

Suzy the Ballerina





Suzy if you won’t stand for you then I will stand for you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself! If YOU price yourself at $0 you’ll keep being $0!

But my dancing’s not perfect…

It ain’t going to be! Let it go!! You are worth a million bucks! Here’s a $20. Now go!!

Comedy song 3 – Perfection, there must be

Character can be fleshed out more. Any other feedback?

Can’t stand all these dirty diapers (8)
Children fight at night when I can’t see (9)
I try to teach them to cook and clean (9)
Perfection, there must be (6)

Sixty kids make an awful classroom (9)
Bossy teachers all around me (8)
My ex-wives travel around the world (9)
Perfection, there must be (6)

I wish I could take a breather (8)
Fly a private jet and be free (8)
But my ex-wives would neglect them (8)
Perfection, there must be (6)

I fall in love with a strong-willed woman
And have a child with her again
And then she thinks I’m a perfectionist choke
So she leaves them with me and now I’m almost broke

I’m crying and I’m losing sleep (8)
I beg my wives to come back to me (9)
But they will fight each other for money (10)
Perfection, there must be (6)

Comedy song 2 – I must step on my dream

This attempt turned out more sad than funny. Time for a rewrite.

[Melody 3]
I must step on my dream
I must step on my dream
I must step on my dream
Think it through until it dies

[Melody 1] Hesitating student
Taking these courses sucks the courage out of me
Throw out my textbooks, they’re like a ton of bricks
Parents shout at me if I quit degree
How will I ever quit?

[Melody 1] Worker
It’s really nonsense, all these emails stifle me
Sitting in a corner, all I do is type my keys
Quitting’s easy, but it’s not gonna pay
I’ll just stay here with ease

[Melody 1] Someone who wants to win World Cup
Back in my childhood I played some soccer
Kicking the corner of a pitch black goalie cage
But I’m 28 – too old to go and play
On the gold World Cup stage

[Melody 3]
I must step on my dream
I must step on my dream
I must step on my dream
Think it through until it dies

[Melody 2] Poor musician
Tango music on the stage
The DJ is really all the rage
I’m poor as a donut and I’m happy as can be
Taking action’s really me

[Melody 3]
I must step on my dream
I must step on my dream
I must step on my dream
Think it through until it dies

Comedy song 1 – Just relax. File your tax.

One month of doing a comedic songwriting course from Second City – and this is what I have as my first song. It is still a draft – expect a few rewrites 🙂

[Hawaiian music]

[Student with low income, still supported by family]

I’m sitting at home Skyping my boyfriend (10)
Taxes aren’t big and I don’t care (9)
What’s he talking about, all these rules? (9)
Just put your numbers in the TurboTax software (12)

Just relax. File your tax.
Just relax. File your tax.
Just relax. File your tax.
And watch your tires go flat

[Baby in the crib]
My milk bottle is almost finished (9)
My pacifier is running dry (9)
Who cares about those boring taxes? (9)
As long as mommy kisses me when I cry (11)

[Governmental tax agent]
Same old paperwork, same old tax returns (10)
So many rules and all are boring (9)
It’s April and I’ve got it all handled (10)
This is too easy, I’m sleeping and snoring (11)

Just relax. File your tax.
Just relax. File your tax.
Just relax. File your tax.
And watch your tires go flat

[Fast-paced surf rock music]
[Immigrant who did not have such strict tax rules in his country]

Filing tax is like eating lard
The rules are freaking strict and hard
I have a life, I’ve got to deal
With taxes before I get my next meal

File your tax or eat grass.
File your tax or eat grass.
File your tax or eat grass
And watch your tires go flat

Toastmasters CC Speech 10 – The Possibility of Possibility

How many of you had big dreams as a kid?
Who did you want to become when you grew up? An astronaut? A magician? A World Cup winner? Those dreams seemed to come out of nowhere, didn’t they? Back when you were completely free to be you and the world was your oyster. You were full of possibility after possibility, and nothing seemed to limit your imagination.

Fast forward to right now. Where did all those dreams go? Did you achieve them?
If you did not, you are not alone. It’s part of human nature that as soon as you create a possibility, it is on its way out. By now you may think that it is impossible to be that astronaut, magician or World Cup winner you wanted to be. Or, you may think you failed.

If that is the case, listen for yourself in what I’m about to share.
I want to create an atmosphere of encouragement in my family. What I’ve come across, however, is their discouragement and criticism towards me and what I’m doing in my life. When they do that, I get angry at them and criticize them back. I convince myself that they don’t deserve encouragement from me. I stop trying and give up. Then I tell myself that I’m a terrible family member, and that I should just give up.

When failure comes up, you have to remember that you’re not perfect. None of us are. In my family what I’m coming up against is years of resignation and negativity that’s gone on for generations. Have compassion for yourself for what you didn’t achieve. You are facing challenges and you are playing big. And when I look back, it’s just so stupid how many times I get triggered by what they say. I forget all about what I’m committed to. It’s FUNNY! It feels like a big drama that I’m making up about my family, blown out of proportion, and it has me dragging my feet and looking gloomy all day. As human beings we do some stupid things. What’s there to do is let go of the seriousness of it all and laugh at your situation.

Don’t let failure stop you. It is a part of the learning and growing process. If you didn’t fail, where would be the adventure? It’s a sign from the universe to take a look at how you’re being and look at who you can be instead.

So who can you be? If you put aside all the stories you have about yourself – “I’m not good enough, I’m not important, and I’m a failure” – put them aside, what could you create? From nothing, who are you at your best? Who would you be at your fullest potential?

What lights you up? What excites you? What inspires you?
Perhaps you’d be a world-class gourmet with a collection of 100 different cucumbers.
Or you’d be a top-notch athlete running at the speed of sound. A swimmer who swims across all the oceans in one journey.

Perhaps you’d be the next human angel, flying far up high into the sky. The world really is your oyster. The horizon stretches out forever and all you can see is the warm red of the sun.
Or you’d be an astronaut, flying higher than the sky. You would do jumping jacks on Mars. You’d explore all the planets in our Solar System. The smoke of your spaceship would glaze over the constellations of the sky millions of light years away.

What’s important to you? Perhaps you live to serve others.
Maybe you’re a pacifist. You live to end all wars in the world.
Maybe you are the next president of Toastmasters. You are opening people up to growing, facing their fears, being the most self-expressed people they can be.

Or you really are someone more simple.
You’re someone who dances in the rain. Sings in the shower. Plays with the baby who takes your maraca. Laughs the loudest. Cries the hardest. Screams on roller coasters.
You’d be swinging from tree to tree, beating your chest and doing backflips in the jungle. You would live with puppies and yowl with the wolves.

Now, what’s it going to take to be who you want to be without giving up?
The answer lies within you, your ability to reflect and take action.
I recommend taking the Landmark Forum. It is a life-changing three-and-a-half day course where you learn about what holds you back from a life you love. You will let go of your past and your disempowering beliefs. You will be listened to as an endless possibility. And you will not only know but believe that anything is possible. You will be present to the possibility of possibility, and the openness and courage that comes out of that.

In the Forum, I discovered that I have been angry with my mom for making decisions for me in my life. And that was stopping me at school, at work, from caring for my friends, from really dreaming up what I want to do in my life. Last night, I finally let go of that, forgave her and forgave myself. What’s opening up is taking a gap year in my degree to go explore the world and make beautiful music.

Without taking the Landmark Forum, this speech would not exist. And without this club I would not complete my CC manual in such a short time. So let me offer this course to you and make a difference in your life. Let me know if you want to be part of it, and I will register you.

Whoever you say you are, you can be that right now. RIGHT NOW. You don’t need to earn a medal to live like a world-class athlete. You don’t need a Physics degree to fly. You don’t need to be President of Toastmasters to start running a great club.

Whoever you say you are, your future is created already. Stand in your future, look back and ask yourself – what happened for me to get here? Life is truly a privilege, and so is your imagination. If you are Prime Minister of Canada at heart, look back and see the elections you won, the friends you made, the campaigns you ran. Then take one action today to bring that to life.

Let your life begin!

Wildfire: Paint a Picture for Me

The clock is ticking, the sun is setting. The snow is speeding, and the wind brings chiming.
The chime brings laughter, and the laughter brings February. A February with a warm, cozy Wildfire lit by a thousand happy campers.

Let’s melt all the ice on Lake Ontario, and sink into its sharp, adventurous depths.
Let’s swim in music notes brought together in many pieces.
Let’s join the hands of many people, and start with a song that is familiar.
Let’s ravel lines of people around each other in big dancing circles.
Let’s call in all TTC subway and all spiritual musicians and ignite the fun!
Hakuna Matata!

Do you have a say? If so, comment away!

My Game in the World: Wildfire Galaxy

Imagine a world where everyone is a shining star in the galaxy, like a drop of water in the ocean, connected in spirit. No one needs to worry about being lonely, no fear, not a single care in the world other than to keep expanding, keep travelling to reaches of the universe never seen, keep moving with everyone else and their aliveness and beauty.

I can start by igniting a single star, a single person to come alive to their greatness. It’s the living that joyously spreads, far, far beyond what’s been possible. Where one laugh turns into a chorus of a thousand, spreading like wildfire.

This New Year’s Eve, I’m giving up my shellshocked old self and singing ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ on the train!
Join me in cheering for our lit up, fiery galaxy of people!!!